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4 months ago

Free business space for a year.

Apply online:


1 year ago

Downtown Lethbridge is up to all kinds of great things!
We’re excited to sponsor an art project with them.

Submit your art to the Downtown BRZ team before August 1st, and you could get your art printed and displayed during the Post construction project, plus walk away with $1,000 dollars.

Visit the contest page on the Downtown Lethbridge website for more details.


2 years ago

The Post project has been a labour of love for each of us involved. Everything about the project feels important, and we want to get each detail right. With construction slated for this summer, we think it’s about time we start showing off what we’re up to.

So much is happening in downtown Lethbridge right now, and we’re excited to be apart of it!

See more details here:


2 years ago

Public Art is a great opportunity for community involvement in a project!

We received 45 mural designs for our contest and every one of them was amazing. After narrowing it down to a few finalists, the community can vote for their favourite and soon enough the mural will be up.

We can’t wait to see the final product!

Vote for your favourite here –
#art #Cranbrook #CRE


2 years ago

Excited to release some content from our Post project partners.
If you aren’t already following us, or the project, on social media… you should be! Trust us, you do not want to miss this one!

IG: @post__yql
LinkedIn: Sumus Property Group