Sumus Partnerships

We Treat Investments Differently

We treat Investors Differently

Organizational Structure

Sumus is central to communication management, coordinating with the Advisory Committee directly, partners through our digital portal, and third party professionals for activities such as Property Management, Property Leasing and Sales, Accounting, and Legal Diligence.

Ownership Structure

The Limited Partnership is owned collectivly by our Investor Partners. The partnership owns the properties, and is managed by the General Partner who is currently Sumus Property Group Ltd.
  • Tax Benefits

    Pass through entity prevents taxation at multiple levels, decisions are made by the individual investor.
    Attractive tax structure (no tax on return of capital, ability to offset losses, etc.)
    Efficient for future flexibility or conversion (on exit, sale, rollover etc.)

  • Liability Benefits

    Limited Partners are only liable for the amount they invested, and are not held liable to the actions of other limited partners or the actions of the general partner beyond that.*
    Contingent on limited partners not taking part in control of the day to day business functions.

  • Advisory

    The Limited Partners can vote for an Advisory Committee which provides more input, consultation, and feedback of the Partnership activities.

Digital Portal

Coming Soon.

Sumus dashboard exmaple.

Getting Involved With Sumus

  1. Choose Products

    Choose partnership mandates which best align with your investment goals.

  2. Purchase Equity

    With Cash or our Tax deferred Roll-In-Method

  3. Relax

    Setup transfer of properties and/or allocation of partnership units.

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In order to be eligible to invest with a Sumus managed Partnership, investors must qualify as an accredited investor, be a resident of Canada, and be approved by the General Partner/Advisory Committee of the Partnership. Criteria for accredited investor status includes;

  • You have net financial assets in excess of $1,000,000; or
  • Your net income before taxes exceeds $200,000 per year in each of the most two recent calendar years or $300,000 combined with a spouse in each of the two most recent calendar years.
  • There are some exemptions, contact us for further information.
Criteria may vary from time to time or region.